🏀 bounceable_effect

Introducing a customizable on-tap bounce animation for any widget to enhance user experience and engagement.

🌟 Features

  • Truly simple and efficient.
  • This package enables the creation of custom bouncing animations for widgets with just one click.
  • It uses an animation controller, which can be customized to a specified speed.
  • Additionally, users can choose the desired level of bouncing effect and select the preferred animation effect for their widgets.
  • Users can enable or disable the onTap feature and ensure that it is not sticky when scrolling.
  • Additionally, it prevents the triggering of multiple onTap events when tapping on multiple Bounceable widgets simultaneously, providing a unique and seamless user experience.


💻 Installation


    bounceable_effect: ^1.0.0


 import 'package:bounceable_effect/bounceable_effect.dart';

👨‍💻 Usage

You can get reference by this simple example. How you can Wrap your widgets. it just work 🙂:

        onTap: () {},
        child: YourWidget(),

you can make it more customize by this example 🙂:

        effect: Curves.easeInBack,
        speed: 100,
        bouncing: .9,
        onTap: () {
            print('Click tapped!');
        child: Icon(
                    color: Colors.green,
                    size: 100,

Additional information

  • Add more animation effects.
  • More advance to utilize and fulfill the requirements of developers