• A great flutter and efficacious package for an on-tap bounce animation on any flutter widget


To use this package, add bounce_tap as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.



  • Import the library
import 'package:bounce_tap/bounce_tap.dart';
  • In order to use this package, we just need to wrap the content with the widget BounceTap.
  • Only child,onTap are mandatory in the widget.
  • tapIntensity is used to define how much the widget should scale down when pressed
  • Stronger is tapIntensity, stronger will the widget bounce.
  • tapIntensity,onTap and duration can have null in the widget. By default duration is set to 200 ms.
  duration: Duration(milliseconds: 150),
  onPressed: (){ YOUR_FUNCTION },
  child: YOUR_WIDGET,
  tapIntensity: TapIntensity.mid


BounceTap properties

Name Type Default Description
child Widget required child widget
onTap VoidCallback required onTap event handler
tapIntensity TapIntensity TapIntensity.mid sets the intensity of the tap, if defines how hard you want the widget to bounce on tap
duration Duration Duration(milliseconds:250) sets the duration of the bounce animation
onLongPressed VoidCallback null onLongPress event handler
tapDelay int 300 how long the widget should wait before calling the onTap/onLongPress events handlers

Now enjoy!

Refer to example folder and the source code for more information.


  • I would like to thank Mohsin for the inspiration for this library, which I think will be useful for Flutter community