Bottom navigation bar with pages indexed.

Quickly create main page and Bottom Navigation Bar. This package provides 2 Bottom Navigation Bar options with a maximum of 4 items

Getting started

Add the following to your pubspec.yml file.

    bottomnavbar_pages: 0.0.1

Import package.

import 'package:bottomnavbar_pages/bottomnavbar_pages.dart';


import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

class Mains extends StatelessWidget {
  const Mains({super.key});

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {

    // Add your page in pages
    List<Widget> pages = [
      // PagesOne();
      // PagesTwo();
      // PagesThree();
      // PagesFour();

    // add your icon in iconList

    List<IconData> iconList = [
      // Icons.home,
      // Icons.library_books,
      // Icons.report,
      // Icons.settings

    // add your label in labels
    List<String> labels = ["Home", "Library", "Report", "Setting"];

    return MainPages(
        pages: pages,
        iconList: iconList,
        //type: BottomBarType.basic, or BottomBarType.curved
        //selectedColor: Colors.indigo,
        //unselectedColor: Colors.grey.shade400,
        //iconDocked: Icons.add,
        //labelDocked: 'Add',
        //labelList: labels,
        //style: const TextStyle(fontSize: 12),
        //showLabel: false, of true

Additional information