Bottom Sheet

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This package is part of the SurfGear toolkit made by Surf.


Custom bottom sheet widget, that can resize by drag and then scroll.


Main classes:

  1. FlexibleBottomSheetController
  2. FlexibleBottomSheetOwner
  3. BottomSheetRoute and Showing methods

Flexible and scrollable bottom sheet.

You can show it if call showFlexibleBottomSheet(), then it will be show as popup like a modal bottom sheet with resize by drag and scrollable.

Also you can use FlexibleBottomSheetController to show it. For this call you must create FlexibleBottomSheetController and give to controller.

There are 2 type of BottomSheet:

  1. BottomSheet
  2. StickyBottomSheet

Simple BottomSheet

To show bottomSheet, use :

  minHeight: 0,
  initHeight: 0.5,
  maxHeight: 1,
  context: context,
  builder: _buildBottomSheet,
  anchors: [0, 0.5, 1],

Widget _buildBottomSheet(
    BuildContext context,
    ScrollController scrollController,
    double bottomSheetOffset,
  ) {
    return SafeArea(
      child: Material(
        child: Container(
          child: ListView(

Sticky BottomSheet

To show sticky BottomSheet, use:
You should return SliverChildListDelegate from builder !!!

      minHeight: 0,
      initHeight: 0.5,
      maxHeight: 1,
      headerHeight: 200,
      context: context,
      backgroundColor: Colors.white,
      headerBuilder: (BuildContext context, double offset) {
        return Container(
      builder: (BuildContext context, double offset) {
        return SliverChildListDelegate(
      anchors: [0, 0.5, 1],


Add bottom_sheet to your pubspec.yaml file:

  bottom_sheet: ^1.0.0

You can use both stable and dev versions of the package listed above in the badges bar.


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Apache License, Version 2.0