A light weight package to show loader using bottom modal sheet. As it is a stateful widget, you can change the text shown on the bottom sheet dynamically.

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Supported Dart Versions

Dart SDK version >= 2.12.0


Bottom Loader Demo



Add the Package

  bottom_loader: ^0.2.2

How to use

Import the package in your dart file

import 'package:bottom_loader/bottom_loader.dart';

Create an instance of BottomLoader

BottomLoader bl;

Initialise the bl object inside the build() method passing context to it

  1. Initialize the Bottom Loader object
    bl = new BottomLoader(context);
  2. By default it will show a bottom loader with loader as CircularProgressIndicator but you can specify a custom loader widget and specify if you want your bottom loader to dismiss when back button is pressed isDismissible parameter (Optional)
    //For bottom loader
    //loader aceepts any custom widget as loader
    bl = new BottomLoader(context, isDismissible: true/false, showLogs: true/false,loader: CircularProgressIndicator());
  3. Style the bottom loading sheet (Optional)
      message: 'Loading File...',
      backgroundColor: Colors.white,
      messageTextStyle: TextStyle(
         color:, fontSize: 19.0, fontWeight: FontWeight.w600)
    Note: You don't need to use all parameters, all of them are optional
  4. Showing the bottom loader
  5. Dismissing the bottom loader
    bl.close().then((isHidden) {

Want to contribute?

Pull requests and issues are always welcome!

How to contribute?

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Clone it to your local machine
  3. Open the project in your favourite editor
  4. Open cmd/terminal and run flutter clean and then flutter packages get
  5. Make the changes
  6. Create a Pull Request

View the issues here

This library is only tested for Android, iOS contributors are most welcome