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šŸ’„Non-standard way to use more space of screens in your applicationšŸ’„
šŸ˜³Custom bottom Sheet under Bottom Navigation BaršŸ˜³
šŸ˜©Sounds sucks? šŸ˜‰First of all look at screens!


Getting Started

Add dependency

  bottom_bar_with_sheet: ^2.0.1

Add import package

import 'package:bottom_bar_with_sheet/bottom_bar_with_sheet.dart';

Easy to use

Create a Scaffold widget and set bottomNavigationBar with BottomBarWithSheet like in the code below

      body: Center(child: Text("Place for your content")),
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
      bottomNavigationBar: BottomBarWithSheet(
        selectedIndex: 0,
        sheetChild: Center(child: Text("Place for your another content")),
        bottomBarTheme: BottomBarTheme(
          mainButtonPosition: MainButtonPosition.middle,
          selectedItemBackgroundColor: const Color(0xFF2B65E3),
        mainActionButtonTheme: MainActionButtonTheme(
          size: 60,
          color: const Color(0xFF2B65E3),
          icon: Icon(
            color: Colors.white,
            size: 35,
        onSelectItem: (index) => print('item $index was pressed'),
        items: [
          BottomBarWithSheetItem(icon: Icons.people),
          BottomBarWithSheetItem(icon: Icons.shopping_cart),
          BottomBarWithSheetItem(icon: Icons.settings),
          BottomBarWithSheetItem(icon: Icons.favorite),
/// ----------------------------------[end of widget]----------------------------------

More examples you can see here


isOpenedboolResponsible for the open / closed state of the widget
autoCloseboolIf true the BottomBarWithSheetItem's DO NOT automatically close the child sheet when pressed
disableMainActionButtonbooldisable MainActionButton if true , enable if false
sheetChildWidgetthat displayed on bottom of BottomBarWithSheet when isOpened == true
itemsList BottomBarWithSheetItemnavigation buttons of BottomBarWithSheet
bottomBarThemeBottomBarThemetheme of BottomBarWithSheet
mainActionButtonThemeMainActionButtonThemetheme of Main Action Button
onSelectItemFunctionCallback Function works by clicking on one of items Return int index of selected button
selectedIndexintindex of selected BottomBarWithSheetItem from items
durationDurationanimation time of closing / opening BottomBarWithSheet
curveCurvethe style of animation from the suggested ones of Curve
bottomBarMainAxisAlignmentMainAxisAlignmentThe direction in which the widget content will line up
mainActionButtonMainActionButtonCustom version of Main Action Button

Attributes of BottomBarTheme

heightdoubleBottomBarWithSheet icons line height
heightOpeneddoubleBottomBarWithSheet height when isOpened == true
heightCloseddoubleBottomBarWithSheet height when isOpened == false
decorationBoxDecorationdecoration of BottomBarWithSheet
contentPaddingEdgeInsetscreate padding between content of widget and sides
backgroundColorColorBottomBarWithSheet background color
selectedItemIconColorColorselected item icon color
itemIconColorColorunselected item icon color
selectedItemTextStyleColorselected item text style
itemTextStyleColorunselected item text style
selectedItemIconSizedoublesize of item icon when item is pressed
mainButtonPositionenumfiled that response for the position of MainActionButton position this field have 3 possible values: MainButtonPosition.left, MainButtonPosition.right , MainButtonPosition.Center

Attributes of MainActionButtonTheme

sizedoublesize of button
iconWidgeticon that displayed in center of MainActionButton
colorColorbackground color of widget circle
splashColorsplash color of widget circle
marginEdgeInsetsside paddings of Main Action Button
transformMatrix4This field can set transform location of Main Action Button

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