Flutter package to display transition for switching pages beween bottom bar page navigation.


Circular Slide Fade


  • Can be used to show animation while swiching pages in bottom navigation bar
  • Add global key to widget to avoid reinitate widget

Getting Started


To use this package, add bottom_bar_page_transition as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

In your dart file import the library by

import 'package:bottom_bar_page_transition/bottom_bar_page_transition.dart';

In build method

return Scaffold(
      body: BottomBarPageTransition(
        builder: (_, index) => _getBody(index),
        currentIndex: _currentPage,
        totalLength: totalPage,
        transitionType: transitionType,
        transitionDuration: duration,
        transitionCurve: curve,
      bottomNavigationBar: _getBottomBar(),

create `_getBody(int index) method to return body of the widget

Widget _getBody(int index) {
    return CustomScrollView(
      //key:_keys[index] //add keys to avoid initiate child widget after animation ends
      slivers: <Widget>[
          title: Text('Page $index'),
          child: Center(child: Text('Page $index')),

create _getBottomBar() to create bottom bar

Widget _getBottomBar() {
    return BottomNavigationBar(
        currentIndex: _currentPage, 
        onTap: (index) {
          _currentPage = index;
          setState(() {});
        unselectedItemColor: Colors.grey,
        type: BottomNavigationBarType.fixed,
        items: List.generate(
            (index) => BottomNavigationBarItem(
                  icon: Icon(icons[index]),
                  title: Text(names[index]),

Parameter Description

builder - function to return content of widget

currentIndex - current displaying page

totalLength - total number of pages

transitionType - tractionType can be circle/slide/fade

transitionDuration - Duration of animation

transitionCurve - Curve is animation curve and they are used to adjust the rate of change of an animation over time