Blowfish ECB for Dart

pub: blowfish_ecb License: AGPL style: lint

A pure Dart Codec implementation for the Blowfish ECB encryption algorithm.


The BlowfishECB class fully implements Codec.

The following simple usage is adapted from the included example project:

// Instantiate the codec with a key.
final blowfish = BlowfishECB(key);

// Encrypt the input data.
final encryptedData = blowfish.encode(message);

// Decrypt the encrypted data.
final decryptedData = blowfish.decode(encryptedData);


Everything is licenced under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3 or above.
See LICENCE and LICENCE.LESSER for more information.

Essentially, if this package is modified in your project, the modified package sources must be released.


The algorithm implementation was ported over from the Versile Python implementation.


A Blowfish ECB Codec implementation.