A tool for quickly analysing how much time users are spending on each widget of your blog

Who is this for?

This is for people who have created a ListView of widgets to build blog like content, and want to understand how much time the user spent on each widget to make estimations of reading time, scroll depth etc

The Basics

This package enables you to

  1. Track which widget was seen
  2. Duration for which each widget was seen along with timestamps
  3. Create stats which you can either consume in the flutter code directly or send to backend as JSON

To Use

  1. Import bloglytics.dart
  2. Create a keepEye object which takes a list of names for widgets and the widgets themselves as input
  3. It returns a ListView object which you can use in your flutter application


The analytics tracked here are the first created timestamps of each widget, and then when they were viewed again as well as the time spent on each view with the schema

{ 'widget_name': { 'createdAt': timeStamp, 'usedWhen_howLong': [{'started':'usedFor'},{'started':'usedFor'},{'started':'usedFor'} ... ] }

To get the analytics, call

  1. keepEyeInstance.snapshot.encodeStatstoJSON() which returns a serialised JSON string, or
  2. keepEyeInstance.snapshot.getStats() which will return a Map object

If you want summary statistics of what happens in the end, just call this function at whatever point in the widget lifecycle you see fit, such as when it is being disposed, or when it is being thrown out of view.