Bittorrent DHT by Dart.



A simple usage example:

import 'package:bittorrent_dht/bittorrent_dht.dart';

main() {
  var dht = DHT();
  dht.announce(infohashStr, port);
  await dht.bootstrap();

The method announce can invoke after DHT bootstrap. But I suggest that invoking it before DHT startted;

Onece DHT startted , it will check if there is ant announce , if it has , each new DHT node added , it will try to announce the local peer to the new node.

Before send announce_peer query , it should send get_peers query to get the token first , so when user invoke announce method , it will fire get_peers query automatically and return the result. In other word , if user isn't downloading any resource , he will not to announce local peer and he dont need any related peers also. However, user can invoke requestPeers method to request the peers:


When DHT found any new peer , it will notify the listener:

  dht.onNewPeer((address, port, infoHash) {
    // found new peer for InfoHash

User can add a listener to get error from other nodes:

  dht.onError((code, msg) {
    log('An error occurred', error: '[$code]$msg');

To stop DHT , invoke stop method:


Once DHT stopped , each hanlder will be removed and nothing will be save. If user start DHT after it stopped , everything will be fresh.