Bitlabs Flutter Plugin allows integration of Bitlabs surveys into Android apps.


  • Null safety
  • minSdk: 16

#Quick Guide

  • Create bitlabs Account,
  • Create application in your account
  • Configure your currency and your survey wall design
  • Implement your reward callback url


Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

bitlabs_plugin: ^0.9.0

Execute the following command

flutter packages get

#Initialization Get your API Token from your bitlabs application dashboard,

  userId: 'Your user id'

#Get notified when a Pollfish survey is completed

You can get notified when a user completed a survey. With this notification, you can also get informed about the money earned from that survey in USD cents.

BitlabsPlugin.instance.onRewarded((reward) {
  print('rewarded: $reward');

#Show the survey wall

You need to show the survey wall. this function opens the survey wall and show the serveys are available to this user.;

#More info

You can read more info on how the Native Bitlabs SDKs work on Android

Bitlabs doucumentation