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BirdPress is a Markdown-based blogging platform that can be used as a standalone Flutter app or embedded inside of another Flutter app.

I created it on June 1st, 2022, so it's pretty bare-bones right now.


birdpress example blog


  • Write blog posts in Markdown.
  • Create blog themes in Flutter.
  • Main page for a blog


BirdPress uses named routes in Flutter. The following pages have been added:

  • / The index of the site. The route can be prefixed by setting BirdPressSettings.blogPrefix, i.e. blogPrefix = "blog/".
  • /posts The list of posts or an individual post. Can be overwritten with BirdPressSettings.postsPath. If blogPrefix is specified then this is $blogPrefix/$postsPath

Getting started

BirdPress is currently under development, all APIs are subject to change before the 1.0.0 release. The documentation will be kept up-to-date to my best-effort.


  • install the birdpress plugin.
  • update assets/birdpress/ if desired. If you don't want to have a header, or want it to be implemented in Flutter, override the default BirdPressSettings and set indexFile to "".
  • write blogposts in assets/birdpress/posts/
  • Check the example birdpress site in birdpress/lib/main.dart to see how to use BirdPress in an existing flutter app


BirdPress is a Flutter widget, run it as a standalone Flutter app like so:

main() {

Additional information

I am currently investigating the following features: Flutter-based templating for designing layouts

TODO: Tell users more about the package: where to find more information, how to contribute to the package, how to file issues, what response they can expect from the package authors, and more.