A BIP32 implementation for generating public/private key pairs from a mnemonic seed phrase, given an HD derivation path.


Generate public/private key pairs from a mnemonic, using the BIP32 derivation path. Derives both hardened and non-hardened addresses following the m/44' derivation path format.


Generate a public/private key pair:

BIP32 bip32 = BIP32();

// returns a private key without the leading 0x prefix as a String
// given an HD derivation path and mnemonic seed phrase
String privKey = bip32.derivePrivateKeyFromMnemonic(

// helper function for creating a web3dart Credentials object for operations e.g. signing
Credentials creds = await bip32.deriveCredentialsFromPrivateKey(privKey);

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A BIP32 key derivation implementation for mnemonics