A dart wrapper for the Bible Brain (aka Digital Bible Platform v4) API.

Getting started

NOTE: You will need an API Key, which can be obtained by submitting a request here.

Install the biblebrain_dart package:

  biblebrain_dart: ^1.0.0

Then you can import it in your Dart code:

import 'package:biblebrain_dart/biblebrain_dart.dart';


final client = BibleBrainClient(apiKey: '<API-KEY>');

// Alphabet endpoints
final alphabets = await client.alphabet.getAlphabets();
final alphabet = await client.alphabet.getAlphabet('Latn');

// Bible endpoints
final bibles = await;
final bible = await'ENGKJV');
final books = await'ENGKJV');
final copyright = await'ENGKJV');
final chapter = await'ENGKJV', 'GEN', 1);
final defaultBibles = await;
final mediaTypes = await;

// Country endpoints
final countries = await;
final country = await'PH');

// Language endpoints
final languages = await client.language.getLanguages();
final language = await client.language.getLanguage(6513);

// Number endpoints
final numbers = await client.number.getNumbers();
final number = await client.number.getNumber('thai');

// Search endpoints
final searches = await'love', 'ENGKJV');

// Timestamp endpoints
final filesets = await client.timestamp.getFilesetsWithTimestamps();
final timestamps = await client.timestamp.getTimestamps('ENGKJVO1DA', 'GEN', 1);


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