bg - A plugin for changing your wallpaper

pub package

Platform Support


Getting Started

You can create your custom widget and call change wallpaper.

// import bg
import 'package:bg/bg.dart';

// on change
await Bg().changeWallpaper(
    url: [your-url],
    scale: style, // [WallpaperScale]
    color: color.hex, // defaults to #ffffff

You can also use showWallpaperOptions which shows a BottomSheetModal.

await Bg().showWallpaperOptions(
    url: imageUrl,
    // BuildContext from parent widget
    context: context,

Bottom Sheet Modal Example

Custom Example




  • This package only supports MACOS. There are known limitations in other platforms like IOS
  • We don't support tile scale, because not all the images play nicely with this setting, and MacOS itself doesn't always show the option

PRs are welcome.