Getting started

beyond_cli is a command line interface for beyond framework. beyond_cli can be used for multiple beyond project operation :

  1. Initialize beyond project
  2. Generate model from json
  3. Create beyond model (modelv2)
  4. Create controller | WIP 🚧
  5. Create usecase | WIP 🚧
  6. Create exception | WIP 🚧

Installation 🚀

To install beyond_cli just simply run this command

dart pub global activate beyond_cli

Then run this command to check if beyond_cli is already installed

beyond -v

Initialize beyond project

project name can only be 1 word, or using snake case like example_project

beyond create project_name

Generate model from json

beyond generate model <ClassName> --path <path to file> --suffix
  • ClassName will be used for first class name, also will be transformed to snake_case for file name
  • --suffix is optional but when it used, it must be followed by desired prefix like --suffix Model, so the model will be generated using suffix

Create beyond model (modelv2)

beyond generate model <ClassName>