Best naveen Localization flutter package for most common words used in mobile apps.


Using this package we can easily Localization of our apps. Flutter localization is the process of adapting your Flutter app to work with different languages, regions, and cultures. It allows you to create applications that can be used by people around the world by providing translations for text and content, as well as adapting other aspects like date and time formats, number formats, and more to suit the target audience.

Getting started

first add best_naveen_localization dep in pubspec.yaml

dependencies: flutter: sdk: flutter best_naveen_localization:


import the package where you want to use

import 'package:best_naveen_localization/best_naveen_localization.dart';

String settings = CommonTranslations.settings;

String chats = CommonTranslations.chats;

String help =;

String account = CommonTranslations.account;

String save =;

String search =;

String accountCreatedSuccessfully = CommonTranslations.accountCreatedSuccessfully;

String accountDeletedSuccessfully = CommonTranslations.accountDeletedSuccessfully;

String createAccount = CommonTranslations.createAccount;

String currentLocation = CommonTranslations.currentLocation;

Additional information

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