Berbix Flutter Plugin

The Berbix Flutter Plugin is a Dart wrapper around the Berbix native mobile SDKs for Android and iOS. It enables customers of Berbix to quickly get up and running with best-in-class identity verification in a Flutter setting. If you're interested in using Berbix for identity verification and you are not already a customer, you can learn more at

Obtaining a client token

In order to start integration, you will need to generate a short-lived client token. The Berbix Verify API needs to be integrated in your backend. See Create a Transaction documentation.

Add Dependency

To begin we'll need to add berbix_flutter as a dependency to our project. You can accomplish this by executing:

flutter pub add berbix_flutter

from your project directory. That should update your pubspec.yml like so:

# Other Settings
# ...
    sdk: flutter
  berbix_flutter: ^0.0.2

After we've updated our configuration, we can fetch the new packages by running:

flutter pub get


Once the dependencies have been fetched, we're ready to make use of the new package. First we'll import the package in the .dart file we'd like to start the Berbix flow from.

import 'package:berbix_flutter/berbix_flutter.dart';

Setting a client token

Like any other Berbix SDK, the Flutter SDK requires a Client Token to perform a transaction on behalf of a user. You can review our Server Side Documentation for help on generating a client token.

Once you have a valid client token, you can pass that to the SDK like so:

// Replace with a valid token!

Completing a transaction

Once the client token is in place, you can perform a transaction simply by calling


At this point, the SDK will handle navigation until the user either completes or cancels the verification flow.

Handling Errors / Exceptions

When setting a client token, you may encounter a BerbixMissingClientTokenError if the client token is omitted. If the token was present, but there was a problem with it, you'll see BerbixInvalidClientTokenException instead.

try {
  var result = await BerbixFlutter.setClientToken("your-client-token-here");
} on BerbixMissingClientTokenError catch (error) {
  // We forgot to add the client token
} catch (error) {
  // Something went wrong else where

While presenting a flow, you may encounter other exceptions, which can be caught like so:

try {
  var result = await BerbixFlutter.startFlow();
} catch (error) {
  // Something went wrong while completing the flow
  // The area of the error is in error.code ("user", "api", "camera", "state", "berbix")
  // A detailed error message is available in error.details

While you shouldn't have to worry about the types of errors per platform it's worthwhile to review the types of errors that can be generated by our iOS and Android SDKs, as the Flutter Plugin will merely return wrapped versions of these.