Belatuk Merge Map

Pub Version (including pre-releases) Null Safety License

Replacement of package:merge_map with breaking changes to support NNBD.

Combine multiple Maps into one. Equivalent to Object.assign in JS.


import "package:belatuk_merge_map/belatuk_merge_map.dart";

void main() {
    Map map1 = {'hello': 'world'};
    Map map2 = {'foo': {'bar': 'baz', 'this': 'will be overwritten'}};
    Map map3 = {'foo': {'john': 'doe', 'this': 'overrides previous maps'}};
    Map merged = mergeMap(map1, map2, map3);

    // {hello: world, foo: {bar: baz, john: doe, this: overrides previous maps}}


Exposes the mergeMap function, which... merges Maps.