flutter beauty camera

# Current function:

  • Switch Beauty
  • take pictures
  • Make a video
  • Switch lenses
  • Set the save path
  • Add filter


  • need to apply in advance and open the required permissions camera and storage.
  • Allow users to customize filters (non-programmers can also customize filters, and filters can be updated online)
  • Filter editing can be found in the document Filter Editing Rules

This project is based on the open source Git Hub project

The edited filter


Open beauty:
cameraFlutterPluginDemo? .enableBeauty(true);
Set the beauty level (0 ~ 1):
cameraFlutterPluginDemo? .setBeautyLevel(1);
Take photos:
cameraFlutterPluginDemo? .takePicture();
Start shooting video:
cameraFlutterPluginDemo? .takeVideo();
End shooting video:
cameraFlutterPluginDemo? .stopVideo();
Switch shots:
cameraFlutterPluginDemo? .switchCamera();
Set LoadImageResource(Stored in the Caches directory by default):
Set OuPutFilePath:
Add filter: 
cameraFlutterPluginDemo?. addFilter("@adjust saturation 0 @adjust level 0 0.83921 0.8772");

beauty1.jpg beauty2.jpg beauty.mp4

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