⚡️Blazing fast port of the BBCode parser and transformer bbob in dart.

What's currently ported?

  • bbob_parser : parses bbcode into a ast.


See code in exmaple folder.

What's different from the original bbob?

bbob_dart is written in dart, which has a sound type system. And with the help of dart, bbob_dart is strongly typed.

I want to render ast into html/markdown...

You have two ways to render:

  1. Similar to, how bbob renders ast into html.

  2. Similar to, bbob_dart has implemented an ast which allows you to walk through the tree using visitor pattern.

Official support in bbob_dart for a html renderer might not happen in the near future. Feel free to send a pull request if you have a well-tested implementation.

How fast it is?

See discussions here. Performance is expected to be on par with original bbob.

Feature requests & bugs

Since this is a port of bbob, feature requests and bug reports should preferably be reported to original bbob repo if it's not directly related to this dart implementation.


bbob dart library.