Bavest Dart SDK

The Bavest Finance SDK is an open-source library to create finance products in weeks. Bavest offers:

  • Financial api with 99.95% uptime
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Free for open-source projects

Get API key

First, you need to create a Bavest account. After registration, you will find your api key in the dashboard.

Free API key for Open-Source projects

First, use the TypeForm to provide all required information. After, you will receive an API key via E-Mail.

Install the package

First install the flutter package, it is available at

flutter pub add bavest 


  1. Now, use the package in your project:
import 'package:bavest/bavest.dart'; 
  1. Create a finance client:
var client = BavestRestClient(apiKey);
  1. Now you can use it to get data from the api:
var client = BavestRestClient(apiKey);
final id = SecurityIdentifier(symbol: "AAPL");
var quote = await client.quote(id);


var profile = await client.profile(id);
var metric = await client.metric(id);
var dividend = await client.dividends(id);
var companyNews = await client.companyNews(id);
var fundamentals = await client.fundamentals(id);
var peersWidget = await client.peersWidget(id);
var forex = await"EUR", "USD");
var sentiment = await client.sentiment(id);
var splits = await client.splits(id, years: 5);

// ETF
final id = SecurityIdentifier(symbol: "ARKK");
var etfSector = await client.etfSector(id);
var etfCountry = await client.etfCountry(id);
var etfHoldings = await client.etfHoldings(id);
var etfProfile = await client.etfProfile(id);

// Portfolio methods
var portfolio = Portfolio.fromJson({
  "portfolio_items": [
    {"symbol": "ABEA.DE", "amount": 5, "buy_date": 1649887200000},
    {"symbol": "DEQ.DE", "amount": 41, "buy_date": 1619647200000},
    {"symbol": "AAPL", "amount": 100, "buy_date": 1556661600000},
    {"symbol": "ADS.DE", "amount": 10, "buy_date": 1491343200000}

var from = 1630352898;
var to = 1655848800;
var resolution =;

await client.portfolioStats(portfolio,
    from: from, to: to, resolution: resolution);

var allocation = Portfolio.fromJson({
  "portfolio_items": [
      "symbol": "BNTX",
      "amount": 10
      "symbol": "AAPL",
      "amount": 4
      "symbol": "SAP.DE",
      "amount": 4

await client.portfolioPrice(portfolio);
await client.portfolioAllocation(allocation);
await client.portfolioRegion(allocation);
await client.portfolioSector(allocation);
await client.portfolioPrice(portfolio);
await client.portfolioChart(portfolio,
    from: from, to: to, resolution: resolution);