A Basiq SDK for Flutter. This SDK does not have all feature.


  • Authentication
  • BASIQ Consent UI (WebView)
  • getConnections
  • getInstitutions
  • getAccounts
  • getUserDetails

Getting started

Add basiq as dependency to start using it.


Initialze BASIQ instance.

Basiq.instance.init(apiKey: "YOUR_BASIQ_API_KEY");

BASIQ Consent Widget. It is a webview to present Consent Page.

  initialLoader: CircularProgressIndicator(),
  onFinish: (jobId) {
    // jobId
  action: ConsentUiAction.connect,
final basiq = Basiq.instance;
final connections = await basiq.getConnections();
final institutions = await basiq.getInstitutions();
final accounts = await basiq.getAccounts();
final userDetails = await basiq.getUserDetails();


Contributions are welcomed!

Here is a curated list of how you can help:

  • Report bugs and scenarios that are difficult to implement
  • Report parts of the documentation that are unclear
  • Fix typos/grammar mistakes
  • Update the documentation / add examples
  • Implement new features by making a pull-request