Barrier Around

pub package

A Flutter package that creates a barrier around any widget, no matter where it is.

What problem does it solve?

Sometimes we need to highlight or showcase a specific widget, that's an easy task if the widget is a direct child of a Stack, but what if we want to create a barrier around a specific widget, which is inside, for example, a Column. We can try to calculate positions and sizes, but that can get really messy, really fast.

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To use this plugin, add barrier_around as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Create a GlobalKey in order to identify which widget you want to create the barrier around.

final GlobalKey _barrierKey = GlobalKey();

Wrap the widget you want to create the barrier around, and wrap it with a BarrierAround widget.

Assign the GlobalKey to the BarrierAround widget.

    key: _barrierKey,
    child: yourWidget

Whenever you want to show the barrier, just call:


To dismiss the barrier, just tap on it, this behavior is enabled by default. If you want the barrier to not dismiss on tap, you can set dismissOnBarrierTap to false in the BarrierAround widget.

If you want to dismiss the barrier from other place, just call:


Barrier customization

Name Type Description Default
barrierBorderRadius BorderRadius? If your widget has a border radius, this is the place to put it null
barrierColor Color Color of the barrier Colors.black45
barrierOpacity double Barrier opacity 0.75
barrierBlur double? Barrier blur sigmaX and sigmaY null
targetPadding EdgeInsets Padding around target widget
onBarrierTap VoidCallback? Callback for the tap event on the barrier null
dismissOnBarrierTap bool If barrier must dismiss when user taps on it true
animateBarrier bool If show/dismiss of the barrier is animated true
animationDuration Duration If animateBarrier is true, you can specify here the duration of the animation Duration(milliseconds: 150)

Suggestions and contributions

If you have any suggestion around code improvement, bug fixes, new features, or you want to contribute in any way, feel free to raise an issue in Github or DM me in Twitter.