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Barrel CLI

Utilities for creating and running both stateless and stateful servers in dockerized and non-dockerized environments

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Install the barrel cli via dart globals

dart pub global activate barrel

or use the barrel installer script (for ubuntu & debian) to also install dart and java if not already present

bash <(wget -qO- https://gist.githubusercontent.com/helightdev/3f15a696d66921b1e47d077f3243a96b/raw/6d4f1fcd3a1e70d084d40235e23c3b86b8fe7825/installer.sh)


barrel < command > arguments

  • init Starts the barrel initializer and creates a runnable environment in the current directory.
  • run Launches the operation system specific startfile.
    • -d, --dockerized Performs a docker build and runs the image wrapped.
  • build Wraps a normal docker build command with default values.
  • pull Pulls the server files based on the hopper configuration.
  • doctor Snapshots and prints debug details about the current environment and image.