Banner Listtile

Banner_Listtile comes in handy when you need a temple of tile with a built-in banner option. You may have seen a banner with a tag ex. "New," "Hot," "New Collection" etc. Banner_listtile does the exact thing, and also gives you the extra feature of customizing it easily.


i. Add the latest version of this package to your pubspec.yaml file, and run: 'dart pub get':

  banner_listtile: ^2.2.0

ii. Import the package in your Flutter App and use it.

import 'package:banner_listtile/banner_listtile.dart';


New 2.2.0 properties

  • Added onPress functionalities
    onTapCancel, <br />onHighlightChanged, <br />onFocusChange, <br />onTapDown, <br />onLongPress, <br />onHover, <br />onDoubleTap, <br />onTap
  • added few bugs to fix later 😅. ps: no no dev is just joking

2.1.0 properties added

  • elevation
  • borderside
  • margin

2.0.0 properties added

  • imageContainerSize
  • imageContainerShapeZigzagIndex
  • centerTrailingbyImageboxsize
  • trailingBoxwidth
  • subtitleOpacity
  • bannersize

1.0.0 properties

  • bannerText
  • showBanner
  • bannerPositionRight
  • bannerTextColor
  • bannerColor
  • title
  • subtitle
  • borderRadius
  • imageContainer
  • trailing
  • backgroundColor
  • width
  • randomBackgroundColor


If you use it inside a Column, Listview or any kind of vertical list, then you do not need to give it a height property. But when you use it as a single widget or inside any other widget, then you are suggested to define its height by giving it a height property. If you don't, then it might end up taking all the available space.

Sample Code

class BannerListTileExample extends StatelessWidget {
  const BannerListTileExample({Key? key}) : super(key: key);

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: Center(
        child: BannerListTile(
          borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(8),
          imageContainer: Image(
              image: NetworkImage(
              fit: BoxFit.cover),
          title: Text(
            style: TextStyle(fontSize: 24, color: Colors.white),
            overflow: TextOverflow.ellipsis,
            maxLines: 1,
          subtitle: Text("A model from NY",
              style: TextStyle(fontSize: 13, color: Colors.white)),
          trailing: IconButton(
              onPressed: () {},
              icon: Icon(

New zigzag shape

imageContainerShapeZigzagIndex: index, // [index = (even or odd integer number)]



Things are added & also will be added more if needed in future. If you have any suggestions or bug report then please consider mailing me at:

eaglex129[at the rate]gmail[dot]com