The 'Bangladesh' Flutter plugin is a versatile tool that allows developers to effortlessly render a detailed map of Bangladesh within their Flutter applications. With its seamless integration, this plugin provides a visually appealing display of the country's map, highlighting all division borders for enhanced clarity.


  • Render a detailed map of Bangladesh within Flutter applications.
  • Highlight division borders for improved visual representation.
  • Provide custom touch feedback for interactive user experience.
  • Suitable for various applications such as educational apps, travel guides, and more.


To use the 'Bangladesh' Flutter plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Add the following line to the dependencies section in your project's pubspec.yaml file:
flutter pub add bangladesh
  1. Import the package in your Dart code:
import 'package:bangladesh/bangladesh.dart';


Render Bangladesh Map

To render the Bangladesh map, use the BangladeshMap widget:

import 'package:bangladesh/bangladesh.dart';

class MyHomePage extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: Text('Bangladesh Map'),
      body: Center(
        child: Bangladesh(),

Customize Map

The 'Bangladesh' Flutter plugin allows you to provide custom touch feedback when interacting with the map. Here's an example of how to achieve this:

import 'package:bangladesh/bangladesh.dart';

class OurMap extends StatelessWidget {

  Widget build(BuildContext context,  ) {
    return const BangladeshMap(
      width: 461,
      height: 600,
      dhakaColor: Colors.indigo,
      khulnaColor: Colors.teal,
      chittagongColor: Colors.grey,
      mymensinghColor: Colors.brown,
      showBorder: true,
      showName: true,
      showDivisionBorder: true,
      showDistrictBorder: true,


Available Options

Also there are some other properties you can use to customize the map:

Field Type Description
width double Width of the map
height double Height of the map
animationScaleFactor double Scale factor for map animation
showName bool Whether to show division names on the map
showTooltip bool Whether to show tooltips when tapping on divisions
showDistrictBorder bool Whether to show borders around districts
isNameUpperCase bool Whether division names should be displayed in uppercase
showBorder bool Whether to show borders around divisions
showDivisionBorder bool Whether to show borders between divisions
tooltipFeedback bool? Whether to provide haptic feedback on tooltip display
tooltipPreferBelow bool? Whether tooltips should be displayed below divisions
tooltipExcludeFromSemantics bool? Whether tooltips should be excluded from semantics
borderStrokeSize double? Size of the border stroke
divisionStrokeSize double? Size of the division border stroke
districtStrokeSize double? Size of the district border stroke
tooltipHeight double? Height of the tooltip
tooltipVerticalOffset double? Vertical offset for tooltip display
borderColor Color? Color of the border
divisionBorderColor Color? Color of the division border
districtBorderColor Color? Color of the district border
tooltipDecoration Decoration? Decoration for the tooltip
tooltipDuration Duration? Duration for tooltip display
tooltipWaitDuration Duration? Duration to wait before displaying the tooltip
tooltipTriggerMode TooltipTriggerMode? Mode for triggering tooltips (long press or tap)
tooltipTextStyle TextStyle? Text style for the tooltip
nameTextStyle TextStyle? Text style for division names
tooltipPadding EdgeInsetsGeometry? Padding for the tooltip
tooltipMargin EdgeInsetsGeometry? Margin for the tooltip
dhakaColor Color? Color for Dhaka division
rangpurColor Color? Color for Rangpur division
rajshahiColor Color? Color for Rajshahi division
khulnaColor Color? Color for Khulna division
sylhetColor Color? Color for Sylhet division
barisalColor Color? Color for Barisal division
chittagongColor Color? Color for Chattogram division
mymensinghColor Color? Color for Mymensingh division
onTapRangpur VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Rangpur division
onTapRajshahi VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Rajshahi division
onTapMymensingh VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Mymensingh division
onTapSylhet VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Sylhet division
onTapKhulna VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Khulna division
onTapDhaka VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Dhaka division
onTapBarishal VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Barishal division
onTapChattogram VoidCallback? Callback function for tapping on Chattogram division
rangpurTitle String Title for Rangpur division
rajshahiTitle String Title for Rajshahi division
mymensinghTitle String Title for Mymensingh division
sylhetTitle String Title for Sylhet division
khulnaTitle String Title for Khulna division
dhakaTitle String Title for Dhaka division
barishalTitle String Title for Barishal division
chattogramTitle String Title for Chattogram division
tooltipMsgRangpur String? Tooltip message for Rangpur division
tooltipMsgRajshahi String? Tooltip message for Rajshahi division
tooltipMymensingh String? Tooltip message for Mymensingh division
tooltipSylhet String? Tooltip message for Sylhet division
tooltipKhulna String? Tooltip message for Khulna division
tooltipDhaka String? Tooltip message for Dhaka division
tooltipBarishal String? Tooltip message for Barishal division
tooltipChattogram String? Tooltip message for Chattogram division
tooltipRichMsgRangpur InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Rangpur division
tooltipRichMsgRajshahi InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Rajshahi division
tooltipRichMsgMymensingh InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Mymensingh division
tooltipRichMsgSylhet InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Sylhet division
tooltipRichMsgKhulna InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Khulna division
tooltipRichMsgDhaka InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Dhaka division
tooltipRichMsgBarishal InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Barishal division
tooltipRichMsgChattogram InlineSpan? Rich tooltip message for Chattogram division

Feel free to refer to this table when using the 'Bangladesh' Flutter plugin to understand the available options and their respective types.


Contributions are welcome! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.


The 'Bangladesh' Flutter plugin is released under the MIT License.