Backendless SDK for Flutter

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A Flutter plugin enabling integration with Backendless.

Note: This plugin is still under active development. Some APIs may not be available yet while others may change. We will be updating the release history of the plugin and as soon as it reaches the general availability (GA) state, the APIs will be consistent for backward-compatibility.

Feedback and Pull Requests are most welcome!

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get started with Backendless Flutter SDK:

STEP 1. Register the plugin

To use this plugin in your Flutter project, add backendless_sdk as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

  backendless_sdk: ^6.3.0

STEP 2. Import the Backendless SDK:

Add the following import to your Dart code

import 'package:backendless_sdk/backendless_sdk.dart';

STEP 3: Initialize the Backendless SDK

Use the following call in your code:

void initState() {

The APPLICATION_ID, ANDROID_API_KEY and IOS_API_KEY values must be obtained in Backendless Console:

  1. Login to your Backendless account and select the application.
  2. Click the Manage icon from the vertical icon-menu on the left.
  3. The App Settings section is selected by default. The interface contains values for Application ID and API keys for each supported client-side environment.
  4. Use the Copy icon to copy the value into the system clipboard.

STEP 4. Use the Backendless APIs.

For example, here is a sample code which stores an object in Backendless database:

// create a Map object. This will become a record in a database table
Map testObject = new Map();

// add a property to the object. 
// The property name ("foo") will become a column in the database table
// The property value ("bar") will be stored as a value for the stored record
testObject["foo"] = "bar";

// Save the object in the database. The name of the database table is "TestTable"."TestTable").save(testObject).then(
  (response) => print("Object is saved in Backendless. Please check in the console."));

Enable Web support

Run the following commands to enable web support

flutter channel dev
flutter upgrade
flutter config --enable-web 

Once web is enabled, you can:

Create a new project with web support using the following commands:

flutter create myapp
cd myapp

or add web support to an existing project by running:

flutter create .

After that you can launch your app in the Chrome browser using your favorite IDE or this command:

flutter run -d chrome

For more information, see the official documentation.

Getting Started with Backendless Flutter Web

Follow the steps below to get started with Backendless Flutter SDK for Web:

  1. Make sure you incude the latest version of backendless_sdk plugin in your pubspec.yaml file.
  2. Open your web/index.html file and reference the Backendless JS library at the end of the head tag like that:
  <script src=""></script>
  1. Initialize the Backendless SDK for Web. Use the following call in your code:
void initState() {
  Backendless.initWebApp(APP_ID, JS_KEY);

The APPLICATION_ID and JS_KEY values must be obtained in Backendless Console.

If you want to add the Web support to your existing mobile Flutter application just add the initWebApp call next to the initApp.

After that you can use Backendless SDK in your Web application the same as in mobile app.