Backdrop Modal Route

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Get best of both worlds, backdrop with actual backdrop unlike material design and non sticky bottom sheet

This flutter package will help you create backdrop modal route or non sticky bottom sheet with minimal code and efforts with dynamic content.

  • Android and IOS
  • simple and easy
  • no other dependencies
  • well documented
  • production-ready

This package was created as a need for our in-production app, as there is no single solution which gives you a route enabled bottom-sheet or backdrop which is route enabled and a new page with an actual backdrop unlike material design.


With null-safety

        backdrop_modal_route: ^2.0.1

Without null-safety

        backdrop_modal_route: 1.1.0

Getting Started

Add the dependency to your project and start using Backdrop Modal Route everywhere:

Import the package.

import 'package:backdrop_modal_route/backdrop_modal_route.dart';

Open backdrop with your custom widget which could be stateful/stateless.

// with custom return type T
final result = await Navigator.push(
        overlayContentBuilder: (context) => 

Open backdrop with inline widget

// with inline widget
await Navigator.push(
        overlayContentBuilder: (context) {
          return Container(
            padding: const EdgeInsets.all(24),
            child: RaisedButton(
                onPressed: () => Navigator.pop(context),
                child: Text('Inline Close'),

Creating custom block modal transitions

// ... more code
    (context, animation, secondaryAnimation, child) {
    return RotationTransition(
        turns: animation,
        child: child,
// ... more code

For more details have a look at the other examples.


Property Type Default Note
overlayContentBuilder (required) Function you implement it
backgroundColor Color White
topPadding double 56.0
barrierOpacity double 0.5
transitionDurationVal Duration milliseconds:500
isOpaque boolean false
canBarrierDismiss boolean true
barrierColorVal Color black.withOpacity(barrierOpacity)
barrierLabelVal String null
shouldMaintainState bool true
backdropShape ShapeBorder RoundedRectangleBorder
safeAreaLeft bool true Set as 'false' to disable 'Left' Safe Area
safeAreaTop bool true Set as 'false' to disable 'Top' (usually status bar) Safe Area
safeAreaRight bool true Set as 'false' to disable 'Right' Safe Area
safeAreaBottom bool true Set as 'false' to disable 'Bottom' Safe Area
safeAreaMinimumPadding EdgeInsets topPadding 'topPadding' is used to set this. Default 56.0.
safeAreaMaintainBottomViewPadding bool false
isSlideTransitionDefault bool true Toggle between slide or fade transition
buildBlockModalTransitions Function - Use this to create custom transition other than fade/slide


Q. How to hide content using scroll ?
A. You have to implement it yourself and you could add it as parent of OverlayContent. Check this #1


Help me by reporting bugs, submit new ideas for features or anything else that you want to share.

  • Just write an issue on GitHub. ✏️
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