WorkspaceCreationProperties class

Describes the default properties that are used for creating WorkSpaces. For more information, see Update Directory Details for Your WorkSpaces.

  • @JsonSerializable(includeIfNull: false, explicitToJson: true, createFactory: false, createToJson: true)


WorkspaceCreationProperties({String customSecurityGroupId, String defaultOu, bool enableInternetAccess, bool enableMaintenanceMode, bool enableWorkDocs, bool userEnabledAsLocalAdministrator})


customSecurityGroupId String
The identifier of your custom security group.
@JsonKey(name: 'CustomSecurityGroupId'), final
defaultOu String
The default organizational unit (OU) for your WorkSpaces directories. This string must be the full Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) distinguished name for the target domain and OU. It must be in the form "OU=value,DC=value,DC=value", where value is any string of characters, and the number of domain components (DCs) is two or more. For example, OU=WorkSpaces_machines,DC=machines,DC=example,DC=com. [...]
@JsonKey(name: 'DefaultOu'), final
enableInternetAccess bool
Indicates whether internet access is enabled for your WorkSpaces.
@JsonKey(name: 'EnableInternetAccess'), final
enableMaintenanceMode bool
Indicates whether maintenance mode is enabled for your WorkSpaces. For more information, see WorkSpace Maintenance.
@JsonKey(name: 'EnableMaintenanceMode'), final
enableWorkDocs bool
Indicates whether Amazon WorkDocs is enabled for your WorkSpaces. If WorkDocs is already enabled for a WorkSpaces directory and you disable it, new WorkSpaces launched in the directory will not have WorkDocs enabled. However, WorkDocs remains enabled for any existing WorkSpaces, unless you either disable users' access to WorkDocs or you delete the WorkDocs site. To disable users' access to WorkDocs, see Disabling Users in the Amazon WorkDocs Administration Guide. To delete a WorkDocs site, see Deleting a Site in the Amazon WorkDocs Administration Guide. [...]
@JsonKey(name: 'EnableWorkDocs'), final
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userEnabledAsLocalAdministrator bool
Indicates whether users are local administrators of their WorkSpaces.
@JsonKey(name: 'UserEnabledAsLocalAdministrator'), final


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