SavingsPlans class

Savings Plans are a pricing model that offer significant savings on AWS usage (for example, on Amazon EC2 instances). You commit to a consistent amount of usage, in USD per hour, for a term of 1 or 3 years, and receive a lower price for that usage. For more information, see the AWS Savings Plans User Guide.


SavingsPlans({@required String region, AwsClientCredentials credentials, Client client, String endpointUrl})


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createSavingsPlan({String commitment, String savingsPlanOfferingId, String clientToken, DateTime purchaseTime, Map<String, String> tags, String upfrontPaymentAmount}) Future<CreateSavingsPlanResponse>
Creates a Savings Plan. [...]
deleteQueuedSavingsPlan({String savingsPlanId}) Future<void>
Deletes the queued purchase for the specified Savings Plan. [...]
describeSavingsPlanRates({String savingsPlanId, List<SavingsPlanRateFilter> filters, int maxResults, String nextToken}) Future<DescribeSavingsPlanRatesResponse>
Describes the specified Savings Plans rates. [...]
describeSavingsPlans({List<SavingsPlanFilter> filters, int maxResults, String nextToken, List<String> savingsPlanArns, List<String> savingsPlanIds, List<SavingsPlanState> states}) Future<DescribeSavingsPlansResponse>
Describes the specified Savings Plans. [...]
describeSavingsPlansOfferingRates({List<SavingsPlanOfferingRateFilterElement> filters, int maxResults, String nextToken, List<String> operations, List<SavingsPlanProductType> products, List<String> savingsPlanOfferingIds, List<SavingsPlanPaymentOption> savingsPlanPaymentOptions, List<SavingsPlanType> savingsPlanTypes, List<SavingsPlanRateServiceCode> serviceCodes, List<String> usageTypes}) Future<DescribeSavingsPlansOfferingRatesResponse>
Describes the specified Savings Plans offering rates. [...]
describeSavingsPlansOfferings({List<CurrencyCode> currencies, List<String> descriptions, List<int> durations, List<SavingsPlanOfferingFilterElement> filters, int maxResults, String nextToken, List<String> offeringIds, List<String> operations, List<SavingsPlanPaymentOption> paymentOptions, List<SavingsPlanType> planTypes, SavingsPlanProductType productType, List<String> serviceCodes, List<String> usageTypes}) Future<DescribeSavingsPlansOfferingsResponse>
Describes the specified Savings Plans offerings. [...]
listTagsForResource({String resourceArn}) Future<ListTagsForResourceResponse>
Lists the tags for the specified resource. [...]
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tagResource({String resourceArn, Map<String, String> tags}) Future<void>
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toString() String
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untagResource({String resourceArn, List<String> tagKeys}) Future<void>
Removes the specified tags from the specified resource. [...]


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