describeEventCategories method

Future<EventCategoriesMessage> describeEventCategories(
  1. {String sourceType}

Displays a list of event categories for all event source types, or for a specified source type. For a list of the event categories and source types, go to Amazon Redshift Event Notifications.

Parameter sourceType : The source type, such as cluster or parameter group, to which the described event categories apply.

Valid values: cluster, cluster-snapshot, cluster-parameter-group, cluster-security-group, and scheduled-action.


Future<EventCategoriesMessage> describeEventCategories({
  String sourceType,
}) async {
  final $request = <String, dynamic>{};
  sourceType?.also((arg) => $request['SourceType'] = arg);
  final $result = await _protocol.send(
    action: 'DescribeEventCategories',
    version: '2012-12-01',
    method: 'POST',
    requestUri: '/',
    exceptionFnMap: _exceptionFns,
    shape: shapes['DescribeEventCategoriesMessage'],
    shapes: shapes,
    resultWrapper: 'DescribeEventCategoriesResult',
  return EventCategoriesMessage.fromXml($result);