describeBroker method

Future<DescribeBrokerResponse> describeBroker({
  1. required String brokerId,

Returns information about the specified broker.

May throw NotFoundException. May throw BadRequestException. May throw InternalServerErrorException. May throw ForbiddenException.

Parameter brokerId : The name of the broker. This value must be unique in your AWS account, 1-50 characters long, must contain only letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores, and must not contain whitespaces, brackets, wildcard characters, or special characters.


Future<DescribeBrokerResponse> describeBroker({
  required String brokerId,
}) async {
  ArgumentError.checkNotNull(brokerId, 'brokerId');
  final response = await _protocol.send(
    payload: null,
    method: 'GET',
    requestUri: '/v1/brokers/${Uri.encodeComponent(brokerId)}',
    exceptionFnMap: _exceptionFns,
  return DescribeBrokerResponse.fromJson(response);