AwsApiGatewayResponse.fromJson constructor

  1. Map<String, dynamic> body,
  2. {bool isBase64Encoded = false,
  3. int statusCode = HttpStatus.ok,
  4. Map<String, String>? headers}

The factory creates a new AwsApiGatewayResponse from JSON. It optionally accepts the Base64 encoded flag and a HTTP Status Code for the response.


factory AwsApiGatewayResponse.fromJson(
  Map<String, dynamic> body, {
  bool isBase64Encoded = false,
  int statusCode = HttpStatus.ok,
  Map<String, String>? headers,
}) {
  return AwsApiGatewayResponse(
    body: json.encode(body),
    isBase64Encoded: isBase64Encoded,
    headers: headers,
    statusCode: statusCode,