DirectConnectGatewayAssociation class

Information about an association between a Direct Connect gateway and a virtual private gateway or transit gateway.

  • @_s.JsonSerializable(includeIfNull: false, explicitToJson: true, createFactory: true, createToJson: false)


DirectConnectGatewayAssociation({List<RouteFilterPrefix> allowedPrefixesToDirectConnectGateway, AssociatedGateway associatedGateway, String associationId, DirectConnectGatewayAssociationState associationState, String directConnectGatewayId, String directConnectGatewayOwnerAccount, String stateChangeError, String virtualGatewayId, String virtualGatewayOwnerAccount, String virtualGatewayRegion})
DirectConnectGatewayAssociation.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json)


allowedPrefixesToDirectConnectGateway List<RouteFilterPrefix>
The Amazon VPC prefixes to advertise to the Direct Connect gateway.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'allowedPrefixesToDirectConnectGateway'), final
associatedGateway AssociatedGateway
Information about the associated gateway.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'associatedGateway'), final
associationId String
The ID of the Direct Connect gateway association.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'associationId'), final
associationState DirectConnectGatewayAssociationState
The state of the association. The following are the possible values: [...]
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'associationState'), final
directConnectGatewayId String
The ID of the Direct Connect gateway.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'directConnectGatewayId'), final
directConnectGatewayOwnerAccount String
The ID of the AWS account that owns the associated gateway.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'directConnectGatewayOwnerAccount'), final
hashCode int
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read-only, inherited
runtimeType Type
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read-only, inherited
stateChangeError String
The error message if the state of an object failed to advance.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'stateChangeError'), final
virtualGatewayId String
The ID of the virtual private gateway. Applies only to private virtual interfaces.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'virtualGatewayId'), final
virtualGatewayOwnerAccount String
The ID of the AWS account that owns the virtual private gateway.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'virtualGatewayOwnerAccount'), final
virtualGatewayRegion String
The AWS Region where the virtual private gateway is located.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'virtualGatewayRegion'), final


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toString() String
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