BGPPeer class

Information about a BGP peer.

  • @_s.JsonSerializable(includeIfNull: false, explicitToJson: true, createFactory: true, createToJson: false)


BGPPeer({AddressFamily addressFamily, String amazonAddress, int asn, String authKey, String awsDeviceV2, String bgpPeerId, BGPPeerState bgpPeerState, BGPStatus bgpStatus, String customerAddress})
BGPPeer.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json)


addressFamily AddressFamily
The address family for the BGP peer.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'addressFamily'), final
amazonAddress String
The IP address assigned to the Amazon interface.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'amazonAddress'), final
asn int
The autonomous system (AS) number for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) configuration.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'asn'), final
authKey String
The authentication key for BGP configuration. This string has a minimum length of 6 characters and and a maximun lenth of 80 characters.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'authKey'), final
awsDeviceV2 String
The Direct Connect endpoint on which the BGP peer terminates.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'awsDeviceV2'), final
bgpPeerId String
The ID of the BGP peer.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'bgpPeerId'), final
bgpPeerState BGPPeerState
The state of the BGP peer. The following are the possible values: [...]
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'bgpPeerState'), final
bgpStatus BGPStatus
The status of the BGP peer. The following are the possible values: [...]
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'bgpStatus'), final
customerAddress String
The IP address assigned to the customer interface.
@_s.JsonKey(name: 'customerAddress'), final
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