Headers class

A complex type that specifies the request headers, if any, that you want CloudFront to base caching on for this cache behavior.

For the headers that you specify, CloudFront caches separate versions of a specified object based on the header values in viewer requests. For example, suppose viewer requests for logo.jpg contain a custom product header that has a value of either acme or apex, and you configure CloudFront to cache your content based on values in the product header. CloudFront forwards the product header to the origin and caches the response from the origin once for each header value. For more information about caching based on header values, see How CloudFront Forwards and Caches Headers in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.


Headers({@required int quantity, List<String> items})
Headers.fromXml(XmlElement elem)


hashCode int
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read-only, inherited
items List<String>
A list that contains one Name element for each header that you want CloudFront to use for caching in this cache behavior. If Quantity is 0, omit Items.
quantity int
The number of different headers that you want CloudFront to base caching on for this cache behavior. You can configure each cache behavior in a web distribution to do one of the following: [...]
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
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toString() String
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toXml(String elemName, {List<XmlAttribute> attributes}) XmlElement


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