deleteFieldLevelEncryptionProfile2018_06_18 method

Future<void> deleteFieldLevelEncryptionProfile2018_06_18(
  1. {@required String id,
  2. String ifMatch}

Remove a field-level encryption profile.

May throw AccessDenied. May throw InvalidIfMatchVersion. May throw NoSuchFieldLevelEncryptionProfile. May throw PreconditionFailed. May throw FieldLevelEncryptionProfileInUse.

Parameter id : Request the ID of the profile you want to delete from CloudFront.

Parameter ifMatch : The value of the ETag header that you received when retrieving the profile to delete. For example: E2QWRUHAPOMQZL.


Future<void> deleteFieldLevelEncryptionProfile2018_06_18({
  @_s.required String id,
  String ifMatch,
}) async {
  ArgumentError.checkNotNull(id, 'id');
  final headers = <String, String>{};
  ifMatch?.let((v) => headers['If-Match'] = v.toString());
  await _protocol.send(
    method: 'DELETE',
    headers: headers,
    exceptionFnMap: _exceptionFns,