High-level APIs for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Dart

Warning: incomplete, untested, but we accept pull requests :-)


A simple usage example:

import 'package:aws_client/aws_client.dart';
import 'package:http_client/console.dart';

main() async {
  var httpClient = newHttpClient();
  var credentials = new Credentials(accessKey: 'MY_ACCESS_KEY', secretKey: 'MY_SECRET_KEY');
  var aws = new Aws(credentials: credentials, httpClient: httpClient);
  var queue = aws.sqs.queue('https://my-queue-url/number/queue-name');
  await queue.sendMessage('Hello from Dart client!');

How to contribute

This library is not an official library from Amazon or Google. It is developed by best effort, in the motto of "Scratch your own itch!", meaning we have APIs here that we care about. Looking for contributions:

  • tests:

    • never put AWS credentials inside the code
    • read AWS credentials from environment variables in the beginning
    • provide description what setup it needs upfront
  • API documentation

  • New API contribution:

    • please open an issue ticket first about what you are planning to implement
    • take a look at the implementation of the others, most of the API calls will be similar
    • always include a link to AWS API docs