presign method Null safety

void presign(
  1. AWSRequest request,
  2. {Duration expires = const Duration(seconds: 60),
  3. bool? signPayload,
  4. DateTime? overrideDate}

Presigns the given request by adding the signature to the URL.

Time period, for which the generated presigned URL is valid is specified with expires. Minimum value is 1 second and maximum is 7 days.

Signing date can be overriden with overrideDate.

Signing payload can be disabled by setting signPayload to false. It's enabled by default for all services except s3, unless implicitly overriden.

IMPORTANT: Only GET requests can be presigned. In order to presign POST request with form-encoded body, it must be first transformed into the corresponding GET request (by moving body to query string).


void presign(
  AWSRequest request, {
  Duration expires = const Duration(seconds: 60),
  bool? signPayload,
  DateTime? overrideDate,
}) {
  assert(request.method == 'GET');
  assert(expires >= Duration(seconds: 1));
  assert(expires <= Duration(days: 7));

  signPayload ??= _shouldSignPayload(serviceName);

  _sign(request, overrideDate, expires, signPayload);