Let get started 💪

  1. Go to pubspec.yaml
  2. add a awesome_extensions and replace [version] with the latest version:
 awesome_extensions: ^[version]
  1. click the packages get button or flutter pub get

TextStyle Extensions


Text('Hello World',
    style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.caption.bold,

   // or

   Text('Hello World',
       style: context.textTheme.caption.bold,

Similar text style extensions are:

  • mostThick The most thick - FontWeight.w900
  • extraBold Extra-bold - FontWeight.w800
  • bold Bold - FontWeight.bold - FontWeight.w700
  • semiBold Semi-bold - FontWeight.w600
  • medium Medium - FontWeight.w500
  • regular Regular - FontWeight.w400
  • light Light - FontWeight.w300
  • extraLight Extra-light - FontWeight.w200
  • thin Thin, the least thick - FontWeight.w100

SizeBox Extensions

This extension is reduced more code like:

    height : 20.0

you can done in 1 line code

// make space of 20.0 height

 // for width

Date Extensions

// for check two date are same or not
date.isSameDate(otherdate);    // its return bool (true/false)

// for check date is today's date
date.isToday    // its return bool (true/false)

// for check this date is yesterday's date
date.isYesterday    // its return bool (true/false)

Padding Extensions

for apply padding in widget you doing this:

  padding: const EdgeInsets.all(8.0),
  child: Text("text"),

but using padding extension:


Similar padding extensions are:

  • paddingAll Creates insets from offsets from all side.
  • paddingOnly Creates insets with only the given values non-zero.
  • paddingLTRB Creates insets from offsets from the left, top, right, and bottom.
  • paddingSymmetric Creates insets with symmetrical vertical and horizontal offsets.
  • paddingFromWindowPadding Creates insets that match the given window padding.