Awesome Dio Interceptor

A simple dio log interceptor (mainly inspired by the built-in dio LogInterceptor), which has coloring features and json formatting so you can have a better readable output.


  • Customizable, minimizable, and colorful output 🔥
  • Json formatting 💪
  • Pretty FormData support (fields & files) output ⚡️

Output Samples

The last two images have been minimized, so we can have better look at the most important logs (can be enabled and disabled, enabled by default)


	awesome_dio_interceptor: <latest_version>


Just add the AwesomeDioInterceptor to your dio interceptors like so:

        // Disabling headers and timeout would minimize the logging output.
        // Optional, defaults to true
        logRequestTimeout: false,
        logRequestHeaders: false,
        logResponseHeaders: false,

        // Optional, defaults to the 'log' function in the 'dart:developer' package.
        logger: debugPrint,

Medium articles by the author

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Contributions & Support

Issues and pull requests are always welcome 😄

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