Avataaars is a Flutter package that provides Avataaar classes which enable an easy svg generation of beautiful personal avatars.
This package is heavily inspired by Avataaars Generator.
The original avatars were designed by Pablo Stanley, the Sketch library can be found here.


The following Avataaar customizer is not part of this package, but can be found in the example folder.
It should nevertheless showcase the functionality of the Avataaar classes.
(The Color Picker that is visible in the gif, is part of the flex_color_picker package)

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  • Create a random Avataaar with Avataaar.random()
  • Edit the individual parts, by making use of the copyWith method.
  • Get the SVG String by calling Avataaar.toSvg()

Label Language Support

Known Errors

By using the flutter_svg package to render the svg strings, it can happen that a warning appears in the console.
This warning is most likely along the lines: "unhandled element filter;".
It is related to this issue.