setVideoOrientation method Null safety

Future<void> setVideoOrientation(
  1. int orientation

Indicates whether to rotate the video flowing through the connection to a given orientation.

This property is only applicable to connections involving video.

If the value of isVideoOrientationSupported is true, you can set videoOrientation to rotate the video buffers consumed by the connection’s output. Setting videoOrientation doesn’t necessarily result in a physical rotation of video buffers. For example, a video connection to an CaptureMovieFileOutput object handles orientation using a QuickTime track matrix.

CaptureVideoDataOutput clients may receive physically rotated pixel buffers in their captureOutput:didOutputSampleBuffer:fromConnection: delegate callback. The CaptureVideoDataOutput hardware accelerates the rotation operation and supports all four CaptureVideoOrientation modes. A client sets videoOrientation or videoMirrored on the video data output’s video CaptureConnection to request physical buffer rotation.


Future<void> setVideoOrientation(int orientation) {
  return _channel.$setVideoOrientation(this, orientation);