A Flutter plugin for managing the autostart permission feature on Android devices.

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  • Check if the autostart permission feature is available on the device.
  • Get the autostart permission by opening the autostart settings activity.
  • Check the autostart permission state (specific to MIUI devices).
  • Retrieve the list of whitelisted packages (specific to MIUI devices).

Getting Started

Add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:

  autostarter: ^0.0.2

Import the package :

import 'package:autostarter/autostarter.dart';

Check Availability of Autostart Permission Feature :

bool? isAvailable = await Autostarter.isAutoStartPermissionAvailable();
if (isAvailable == true) {
    // Autostart permission feature is available on the device
} else {
    // Autostart permission feature is not available on the device

Request Autostart Permission :

await Autostarter.getAutoStartPermission(open: true, newTask: false);

Check Autostart Permission State (MIUI Devices) :

bool? isAutoStartEnabled = await Autostarter.checkAutoStartState();
if (isAutoStartEnabled == true) {
    // Autostart permission is enabled on MIUI devices
} else {
    // Autostart permission is disabled on MIUI devices

Get Whitelisted Packages (MIUI Devices) :

List<String> whitelistedPackages = await Autostarter.getWhitelistedPackages();
// Do something with the whitelisted package list

Acknowledgments :

Thanks to the original Android native author judemanutd and XomaDev for the inspiration and codebase.

Feel free to modify the content according to your project's requirements.