Table of Contents


Table of Contents


A series of test steps that are related to test connectivity functionality. This includes the ability to assert the device is on or offline, simulate on vs offline, as well as setting a persistent _connected variable that other steps can use to test against connectivity themselves.

Applications wishing to utilize this plugin should utilize the ConnectivityPlugin when testing for online vs offline. That plugin class can accept either a Stream<bool> (say from a ping timer that actually checks an API) or directly utilize the connectivity to determine on / offline status. If a stream is passed to the initialize function then that stream will be used otherwise the plugin will fallback to directly using the connectivity plugin.

The test steps provided by this library directly work with the ConnectivityPlugin to set overrides for test purposes.

Live Example

Quick Start

import 'package:automated_testing_framework_plugin_connectivity/automated_testing_framework_plugin_connectivity.dart';

void main() {


  // You _must_ initialize the plugin, though the controller may be null in 
  // release mode which puts the plugin in "passthrough" mode rather than active
  // testable mode.
  ConnectivityPlugin().initialize(testController: testController);

  // rest of app initialization
  // ...

Reserved Variables

The following table defines the reserved variables provided by the plugin that can be by appropriate tests:

Name Type Example Description
_connected boolean true Will be true when the application considers itself online and false when the application consider itself offline.