TestDeviceCommunicator class Null safety

Interface that plugins may implement to provide their own solution for communicating with external sources.




active bool
Returns whether or not the communicator is currently active
commandStream Stream<DeviceCommand>
Returns the stream that will fire whenever the communicator receives a command from the external driver. This may return null if the communicator is not currently active.
connected bool
Returns whether the communicator is currently connected to the external source or not. This may be false because the communicator is not connected, but still trying to connect. To determine if the communicator is trying to connect, use the active property.
hashCode int
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read-only, inherited
onConnectionChanged ConnectionChangedCallback
Sets the function that will be called whenever the
runtimeType Type
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activate(Future<TestDeviceInfo> testDeviceInfoBuilder()) Future<void>
Instructs the driver to connect to the external source. By the time the returned Future completes, the commandStream must be available to be listened to.
deactivate() Future<void>
Instructs the driver to deactivate and disconnect from any external source.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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sendCommand(DeviceCommand command) Future<void>
This will send the comamnd to the external source. If the communicator is not active, this will throw an exception. If the communicator is offline, but active, it should send the command the next time it reconnects.
toString() String
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