Flutter package to dynamically translate your app.

This plugin will AUTOMATICALLY detect the app Localization and translate the text.


So the point was to find a way to convincely translate text in all the languages. To do that we create this system who seam to works really well. It Uses Google Translate

There is even a cache system to make it faster.

Normally our translation is composed by three part text | The text to translate

language | The end language of the text (if null will be taken the default of the device)

target | The argument of the translation (We added this because in certain circumstances translation were not accurate, i.e.

translateText("Bailey's irish cream", language: "it", alwaysTranslate: true) //--> Result in "La crema irlandese di Bailey" which is wrong
translateText("Bailey's irish cream", language: "it", target: "cocktail", alwaysTranslate: true) //--> Result in "Bailey's irish cream" which is correct



Set base language into your main to not translate the text when the language is the same to which you write your app:


When you create an element you can set alwaysTranslate = TRUE and it will be translated event if the app language and device language matches, it's used to translate dynamic text, like something written by a user.

translateText("Bailey's irish cream", language: "it", target: "cocktail", alwaysTranslate: true)

The old version is replaced by this. You have to use our TranslateBuilder to make a translation, it gives you the translated String through a builder, it works with List so you can translate TextSpan.

TranslateBuilder(["Plugin example app"],(stringList, isTranslated){
            return Text(stringList[0]);
TranslateBuilder(['hello auto', 'localization is','Running on: $_platformVersion\n'],(stringList, isTranslated){
              children: [
                TextSpan(text: stringList[0]+' '),
                TextSpan(text: stringList[1]+' '),
                TextSpan(text: stringList[2]),


Convert your String with this (Need to be async):

String x= await translateText("hello");