Bye ByeAspect Ratio, Welcome auto_height_grid_view 😎

Why auto_height_grid_view?

A Flutter package that automatically adjusts the height of grid tiles based on their content, making it easy to create dynamic and responsive grid layouts. It automatically adjusts the height of each grid item based on its content.

💡 Overview

auto height grid view

💻 Usage

To use this library in your code:

  • add a dependency in your pubspec.yaml :

  • add import in your dart code:

    import 'package:auto_height_grid_view/auto_height_grid_view.dart';


itemCount: 10,
crossAxisCount: 2,
mainAxisSpacing: 10,
crossAxisSpacing: 10,
physics: const BouncingScrollPhysics(),
padding: const EdgeInsets.all(12),
shrinkWrap: true,
builder: (context, index) {
return Container(
width: double.infinity,
height: 150,

🗞️ Properties

The auto_height_grid_view includes the following properties.

Property Type
key: key
itemCount int
crossAxisCount int
crossAxisSpacing int
mainAxisSpacing int
rowCrossAxisAlignment CrossAxisAlignment
controller ScrollController
shrinkWrap bool
physics ScrollPhysics
padding EdgeInsets
builder Function(BuildContext, int)

💪🏻 Contribution Guide

I would be happy to have your contributions 💙

You are welcome to open a ticket on github if any problems arise. New ideas are always welcome.
If you fixed a bug or implemented a feature, please send a Pull Request.

👱 Maintainer

Kamran Khan

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