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Auto Exporter

This project fork from Thanks to the author.(But after fork from that, it has been a lot different)

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A Dart package that allows you to auto export types globally.

How to use it?

Firstly: add those to pubspec.yaml

  auto_exporter_annotation: ^1.0.1

  auto_exporter: ^2.0.0
  build_runner: ^2.4.6
  build_test: ^2.2.0

Secondly: add those to build.yaml:

          default_export_all: true # default export all files, if false only export @AutoExport() files, default is true.
          project_name: your_project_name

Thirdly: run code:

 dart run build_runner build  # Dart SDK
 flutter pub run build_runner build  # Flutter SDK
 flutter packages pub run build_runner build # try this on error

wait a minute... and you get the export file.


dart pub publish --dry-run to check your package prepare for

ignore exports

If you want to ignore certain files without exporting them, you can use the annotation IgnoreExport for your class.

you can see the example to know how to use this annotation.

feature advised by @hasimyerlikaya.

only export some files

change the default_export_all option to false, and add @AutoExport() annotation to your files that you want to export.

feature advised by @sm-riyadh